Methylene chloride
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    It is Colorless liquid,with characteristic odor.Relative density D4 201.326, melting point-96.7℃, Boiling point: 40.4℃, If it is mixed with high concentrated Oxygen, the explosive mixture is formed but it is not inflammable. It is one of the low-boiling-Point industrial solvents that have small ltoxicity, no inflammable.It has good solubility for many resin, waxand fat, soluble in water slightly, easy soluble in other chloro solvent, ethoxyethane and ethanol. Dichloromethane can take place hydrolysis with water in a certain temperature. The commercial dichloromethane often contains stabilizer in order to prevent decomposition.


270kg/drum, 80drums/20’fcl, (21.6MT)

250kg/drum, 80drums/20’fcl, (20MT)

2.Production raw material

Mathanol, chlorine hydride, chlorine

3.Production method

Methane thermal chlorination

4.Hazards:Class 6.1

1).Harmful if swallowed

2).Causes skin irritation

3).Causes serious eye irritation

4).Suspected of causing cancer

5).Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure

6).Harmful to aquatic life


1) used as a solvent in paint strippers and removers& degreaser
2) used as a process solvent in the manufacture of drugs, pharmaceuticals, and finishing solvent.
3) used as film coating; as a metal cleaning
4) used as agent in urethane foam blowing
5) used as propellant in aerosols, such as paints, automotive products, and insect sprays.
6) used as an extraction solvent for spice oleoresins
7) used as parting agent, detergent


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